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Choose your adventure

At DU, 你可以在课堂之外创造一条完全适合你的生活方式和兴趣的道路. 选择从众多的活动和事件,将娱乐,丰富和挑战你.

You can indulge a passion for art right here on campus. 我们是国际知名音乐家、舞蹈团和剧团的常客, 我们的舞台和演奏厅都忙于学生的演出. 在校园里,一个当代艺术画廊展示了当地和国家的声音. With well over 150 student organizations to choose from, 你可以毫不费力地找到和你有共同兴趣的同学.

我们与丹佛市的紧密联系意味着您将在校外找到广泛的乐趣和实现机会. Enjoy the culture, food and shopping of a city on the rise, or leave the city altogether for skiing, hiking and white-water rafting in the nearby Rocky Mountains. 你在DU和丹佛度过的时光注定充满了探索和发现.

400+ 400+ annual performances Everything from rock to symphonic concerts and free recitals.

55 32 club sports teams and 23 intramural leagues Intramural sports leagues include baseball and flag football.

18 18 Fraternity & Sorority Life chapters on or around campus Members make up ~20% of the student population.

On Arts

Balinese Music on Campus

拉蒙特音乐学院的“拓展视野计划”为校园带来了一场巴厘岛音乐和舞蹈表演之夜. 在准备过程中,学生们参加了一个yzcca88游戏登录网址巴厘岛音乐和文化的单元.

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Photograph of Native Americans by Edward Curtis.
Catching Shadows

杜克大学档案馆收藏了爱德华·柯蒂斯的一组珍贵照片, 这位19世纪的艺术家和民族志学者被称为“捕影者”.” Native Americans gave him the moniker after he photographed them.

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playing violin

Arts on Campus

We're an artistic hub for all of Denver. At the Newman Center for the Performing Arts, we regularly welcome nationally touring dance, music and theater performances. magnness Arena举办了Jane's Addiction、格温·史蒂芬尼(Gwen Stefani)和The Killers等热门演出.

数以百计的学生活动进一步丰富了我们的校园艺术场景, 包括拉蒙特音乐学院的六场年度交响音乐会和戏剧系的三场大型学生演出. 每个月还有几十场免费的独奏会和小型学生表演. We strive for the same variety and excellence in the visual arts, 我们的维基迈伦画廊展出学生和国际知名艺术家的作品.

你也可以从各种选项中选择,分享你自己的艺术声音. 在KXDU学习广播的基础知识,分享你对音乐的热情, our student-run radio station. 利用对非专业学生开放的音乐课和练习室. You can even audition for a role in a play!

Sunny day at DU

DU & Denver

Denver's diverse music scene continues to grow, 从爵士乐到朋克再到民谣,这里有各种类型的音乐会和场地. 所有音乐爱好者都会同意,每个人都应该去红石看一场音乐会, one of the state's great treasures—a stunning, incomparable amphitheater not even 20 miles from campus.

寻找一个愉快的下午的学生可能会发现自己在市中心, in one of the city's many museums. 其他人可能会迷失在圣达菲艺术区的独立画廊或樱桃溪的时尚餐厅和精品店中. 您还可以在丹佛广阔而美丽的公共公园系统中找到许多绿色空间之一度过一天.

Student Organizations

我们的学生组织可以帮助你与有着相似背景的先驱者建立联系, advocate for your beliefs, 加强你的教育或只是与他人分享你的兴趣.

  • Cultural organizations

    Celebrate your culture with those who share your background. Through our cultural organizations, 你可以参加社区服务,参与yzcca88游戏登录网址共同问题和关注的对话.

    • African Students United
    • Asian Student Alliance
    • Hillel
    • Latino Student Alliance
    • Muslim Student Association
    • Queer Student Alliance
  • Academic organizations

    Prepare yourself for the courtroom with Mock Trial, share your thoughts on literature with the Pioneer Book Club, or keep your community informed while working for The Clarion, our campus paper. Other organizations include:

    • Computer Science Club
    • DU Solar Car Team
    • Model United Nations
    • PioChem Club
    • Society of Physics Students
  • Service organizations

    Advocate for sustainability as part of the DU Environmental Team, combat the stigma around mental illness with MIND, 或作为“不可征服倡议”的成员在全球推广服务. Other organizations include:

    • Climate Reality Project
    • Colleges Against Cancer
    • Freedom Rights Education Evolution (FREE) DU
    • Student Coalition for the Eradication of Sexual Assault
    • Vegan and Vegetarian Society
    • Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity
  • Clubs

    Are you a film lover? What about cooking or board games? 从电影协会和飞蝇钓鱼俱乐部到烹饪俱乐部和球杆运动, our student clubs will keep you entertained and engaged. Other groups include:

    • Anime Club
    • Idiosingcracies A Capella
    • Needles for Needs Crafting Club
    • Skintight Outrage Improv Comedy
    • Swing Dancing Club
group photo of fraternity and sorority members

Fraternity & Sorority Life

Fraternities and sororities have been a part of DU since 1885, when the first sorority chapter was established. Today, 我们的8个兄弟会和10个姐妹会分会的成员在参与领导和服务活动的同时结识了新朋友,并在学术上取得了优异成绩.

These organizations develop undergraduates and alumni as leaders, bolster academic careers, and ensure members have lifelong networks of friendship and support. 他们要求其成员设定较高的学术目标,并致力于改善他们的社区.

Members of Fraternity & 姐妹会生活组织占ca88登录正确网址学学生总数的20%, working across campus in the Undergraduate Student Government, the University of Denver Programs Board (DUPB), the Student Media Board and other organizations.


Religious Life

我们承认并庆祝我们社区中所代表的各种世界观和宗教. Through our University chaplain, 我们支持校园里所有人的精神健康,就像我们支持身体和心理健康一样.

The chaplain provides services to all members of our community, 支持学生和社区成员之间的跨信仰对话和倾听会议. 这位牧师鼓励围绕宗教和灵性问题进行个人探索和社区对话, 为精神关怀和咨询提供一个非临床的安全空间.

In addition, several student spiritual organizations, such as Chabad and the DU Interfaith Advocates, host their own events and foster connections between diverse groups. 我们还提供埃文斯教堂和其他三个祈祷室供学生使用.